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These pages are intended to be read in order but this index is provided in addition for convenience.

[Introduction] - An outline of the purpose of the site

[Not Foreseeing the Future] - Not foreseeing the future but merely being influenced by it

[Death in Switzerland] - An account of my experiences in 2017

[The search for Yvonne] - Finding the dark haired lady from my novel

[The conception of Lucine] - How I created one character out of the inspiration for another

[The reluctant writer] - An overall account of my reluctant novel writing

[A telephone installation in time] - In the past not everyone had access to a telephone

[A Christmas card in time] - A very simple incident, or maybe not

[Zeus and the ironing board] - I demonstrate that I am no scientist or philosopher

[The Warthog] - Why I created the story in my novel from a ragbag of ideas

[Tilting at Windmills] - About Shakespeare and a little of my poetry

[Psychological versus Psychical] - Why I am doubful about a psychological explanation

[The True Order of Events] - On choosing where to draw the lines

[Dancing Perfectly in Time] - An apparently inescapable rhythm to life

[Naming the Director] - Inspiration for the director in my novel

[Naming the Director's Secretary] - How a full name became reduced to just "C-C"

[Free Will or Fate?] - A matter of taste. Is free will really so desirable?

[Early Incidents] - The first incidents after completing the novel

[HMS Frismersk] - Constructing and naming the novel's time capsule

[The Neverending Story] - How my life and the novel became entwined

[An Inspiring Birth] - The strength of even unknown family connections

[A Shortsited View] - On honey, Pi and children on a carousel

[Programme of Interest] - A television series influences my novel writing

[Quantum Coffee Break] - The universal search for good coffee

[Every Name a Story] - Even the author's own name involves a coincidence

[Quantum Particulars] - How quantum information may have influenced the novel

[Phantastic Thoughts] - On aphantasia and this other phenomenon

[Great Northern Time Machine] - Two time machines are enough; three's a crowd

[Juggling with Dates] - The nightdress and Battle of Hastings incident

[Medical Matters] - Prescience as an evolved ability to aid survival

[In Conclusion] - Nothing is final but the site ends here for now