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My name is Rob, I live in Kent, the garden of England, and this is a personal site where I record incidents in my life which have suggested that at least some of my arbitrary decisions and whims may actually be inspired by my quite unpredictable thoughts in the future. I started to consider this possibility seriously when some years ago for no good reason I felt compelled to write an entire novel having never had any ambition or even inclination to do such a thing before. In the following years I gradually realised that a great many of the details and events in that novel were not, as I had assumed, arbitrarily pulled out of thin air in a remarkable burst of spontaneous creativity but had apparently been inspired by my own experiences in those subsequent years. What particularly surprised me was the precise timing of these incidents. Given enough time some fiction writers are said to feel that their lives are mimicking events in their past creations, but in my case my novel even seemed to contain clues about when such coincidences would occur. As a result of incidents that occurred precisely six years after I wrote the novel I even sent a report of those particular experiences to the Society for Psychical Research for inclusion in their archives. Those particular incidents are described later in these pages.

The Latin phrase Mens Temporum meaning “mind of times” which I have used as a title for this site is taken from my novel and here it refers to the idea that there may be an aspect of the unconscious mind or psyche which somehow spans different times so that the overall activity of the mind cannot be regarded as simply the instantaneous functioning of the brain at any one point in time. As a layman I can only speculate wildly about this but from my own experiences I am obliged to accept that the human psyche is a far more complex entity than present day mainstream science implies. In the realm of psychical research this particular phenomenon of a single mind communicating with itself across time appears to be just a special case of a far wider subject under consideration, but it is all that I cover here in my efforts to come to terms with the working of my own mind.

I have tried to document here the majority of the incidents that have I noticed in the past but they appear to be so much a part of my daily life that they can simply happen without me noticing them at all, as they quite possibly also happen to other people. If more happen and they are significant enough I may add them in the future. If you find the contents of this site interesting or maybe even contentious then you can email me, scriptor, at this site as I have adopted an appropriate Latin name for email purposes to match the Latin title of the site.

By the way, I never had any intention of publishing my novel as such and there is no need to read it as I describe the relevant parts within each article here. I never finished revising it after writing the first draft so several drafts of it in various states of completion now exist, none to my entire satisfaction but all essential to establishing the real life sequence of events. Also these articles refer to other solitary chapters written for inclusion in potential sequels which I never put together, so much of my work is fragmented and I no longer write fiction any more. However, if you are curious about the novel I am willing to send you a copy or I may post a freely accessible copy on this site at some point. As this website reveals many spoilers concerning the story from the outset you may prefer to read the novel if you intend to before exploring the site.

Despite having been written by a complete novice I have been told by its few readers that even in its first draft form the novel was worth reading. An American university lecturer in English literature even told me that in order to annotate it with his comments he read the whole thing twice and realised on the second reading that I had gone far towards meeting Oscar Wilde’s criterion that “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.” However, I suspect that Wilde was joking as that observation leaves one with no criterion for reading any book for the first time. Apart from praise that astute reader also observed that the story would only attract a select readership. My only reason for writing the novel in the first place was that I wanted to read it myself and I have done so many times in an effort to comprehend all of its underlying meanings. Its apparent inspiration set in my own future life has just added to my amazement that I was ever able to write it at all.

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